Tips For Choosing Your Professional References

Referrals are critical to securing a placement, because the information they provide to the employer may make your job opportunity within the company prosper or fail. Therefore, it is very important that you select your references carefully.

Here are some tips to prepare and choose your references.

  • Get the approval of your references before giving your details to an employer. No one likes to be assaulted with questions without being prepared. This could result in dire consequences.
  • Always provide a job reference. After all, you will be evaluated as a colleague and collaborator, not as a friend or brother.
  • Be sure to give a reference that speaks highly of you. Don’t choose someone simply because it was your boss or supervisor. It is better to give a reference with less authority that talks about you in a positive way.
  • Confirm that the reference contact information is up to date. If an employer has difficulty communicating with your references, they will suspect they are false or simply lose interest. If possible, provide more than one contact number in addition to an email.
  • Inform your references that you applied for a job or did an interview so that they are prepared. Provide them with details about the position you are interested in and its requirements. This way, they will be ready when they receive a call from the employer.
  • It is important that you maintain regular contact with your references in order for the relationship to remain solid. Inform them of your job search and be sure to express your appreciation for the time they spend giving information about you, regardless of the results you get. Let them know when you have completed a position and stay in touch to keep them updated on your progress.