The Importance Of Quotes And References

If you are interested or obliged to deal with aspects related to the world of research, either through the Final Degree Project (TFG) of your career, the TFM of your master’s degree, or your doctoral thesis; I’m sure that the topic of dating and references sounds familiar to you … and surely what comes to mind when you talk about them is not a good thing.

What is dating? Is a quote the same as a reference?

The specific style and format for making our list of references vary depending on the branch of knowledge in which we work, and according to the format where we are going to deliver it (only among scientific journals there are several, such as APA, Chicago Style, Harvard, MLA. ..), but in general, everyone will ask you to put the last name and the year in the body; and order them in order of appearance in the document or alphabetically in the list of references.

As we are seeing, citations and references have different functions, all of them equally valid and useful: They serve to illustrate our work, to give it more rigor (that is why it is not only we who defend an idea, but there are more people that he said before), so that interested people can consult the ideas at a higher level of development in other more extensive or specialized documents, among others.